How to Play



A Trivia Treat game is made up of 5 questions. Round one is the easiest and has two questions worth 10 points each. Round two is intermediate and has two questions worth 20 points each. The final round has one question for a 40 points. The highest score you can get is 100.


Each game you get 3 trades. You can use them any time, any round, to pass on a question and receive a new one. But each trade question costs you 5 points, so try not to use them all at once!

Types of Daily Games


Movie buffs and amateurs, answer qustions from your favorite classic to the latest Pixar release.


What is Sia's full name? Challenge your music wit with our music quiz.


Remember what you learned in school— like who invented the thermometer or how does photosynthesis work? Get ready for a challenge with our science questions.


Know all about American history? Then put your knowledge to the test with daily history questions.


Cars, unicorns, The Loch Ness Monster. Test your general wit on the most random things in the world.

Know the answer to these...

Who was the only American to become Vice President and President due to resignations?

This Italian explorer, whose name makes for a popular swimming pool game, was famous for his travels to Asia during the Middle Ages.

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